On Winning a Photobird Contest

1:18 AM

Yeheeeeey! Won for the first time on an online photo contest that I joined last May! The theme was "Macro" and I really took photos of the paper stars just so I could submit an entry... that's why I'm so HAPPY!!! I'm all smiles until now. It's not like I've won something major but to be acknowledged for having the best photo is just AWESOME for an amateur... for me! Here's the blog that I posted last month with the winning photo.
 Again, Thank you Photobird!

PS: How do you like the ala scrap book thing that  I made? :) It was BIG when I was making it in CS3 and I'm a little confused why it's that small now that it's already on blogger :| I hope it's still readable.

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  1. Wow! Congrats, K. =))))) Submit moooore!

  2. Thanks Keyt!!! :) maybe this month if may ara q nami na photo ah.. :)


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