1:50 AM

Spent the whole day accompanying CJ do some a lot of errands. We spent the whole afternoon on the road and I can really tell that he was pretty tired after we've fully accomplished everything. I took a photo of the less traveled, well to some, Circumferential Road of Bacolod City. The dust will tell you why you really need to keep your windows closed.

 Listening to Killer Bee while waiting for CJ. Been switching over stations waiting for SOLO to play. :))
I wanted to make this blog a little blue, that's why I literally tinted the photos blue. BUT, I don't know why I took light streaks and why this photo looks a little green despite the blue overlay. Maybe because I took this photo in day light? Basta, they ruined the mood... :( but they're too hard to ignore. :)

PS: I'm thinking of putting a signature at the end of my posts... will probably scan my own hand writing. :)

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  1. lurve the light streaks.. im still figuring it out how to do photog painting since im a sucker on that stuf..can u teach me? hehe..

  2. Rhon dear, I'm not good at all with light painting but try experimenting with long exposures. May tripod ka man so you can really do the trick. hehehe! What I did here was set the speed to 10 seconds then gin butang q lang sa dashboard sng salakyan and gin hulag2x gamay. hehehe!

  3. nang. those lightstreaks are fierce. and kacute na pod kmo run his errands.aww.;p

  4. Darl! Thanks gd! :) Yes, no one leaves the house without the other if ever I'm here in Bacolod. Same thing happens if he's in Iloilo! :))


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