June 18

1:48 AM

We went to Guimbal Iloilo that day. The Farm Resort (its the only resort of its kind, I think) was almost deserted so sort of took the liberty to do whatever we want. We stayed in their supposed-to-be restaurant for the meantime while Ameg was preparing for the shoot. I was thinking to myself, it's such a mistake to let this kind of a resort/farm/whatever it is to go into waste. It's not yet too late for them to close it down. They can still do something to bring back how beautiful the place was.

Have you ever had a dream where you've been trying/wanting to reach for something like a door but you just can't do it? Well, I've had. And this photo is just the perfect thing to illustrate it.
This is my dear friend, Precious aka Prex. She helped me with the lighting that day.

She took a photo of me:
(btw, can you see my Kankuro keychain? hihihi)

Taking a photo of this:

So I took a photo of her again, but this time she felt a bit shy. LOL.
Zooming out...
Zooming in...

Photo of me and my model/BFF/stylist, Ameg while on a break - as local peeps pass by. Thanks to Prex for this photo! :3
and yes, I love hanging things around my neck.

I have this funny habit of bearing my bags while shooting. I did this twice already. I guess I'm just comfortable carrying heavy bags.

We then took lots of photos like these and headed home. Thanks to wireless remote control! hahaha!

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