Nearing 2,000

11:20 AM

My blog is about to reach 2,000 views! Been running this blog for almost three months now and I'm so thankful for the positive response from you guys. :) I hope this goes on and on and on and  on and on... endlessly.

I know I'm not photogenic (and not used to posting self-portraits) but I'll post this photo anyway. :) 
And here's another one with me smiling...

These braces GOT TO GO! I'll try to talk to my dentist if I can already switch to retainers since my teeth are almost done and I'll be away for five months. Hopefully. Sorry for the messy hair. But thanks for all your constant views and support. :)

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  1. Hi Katrina, Not photogenic? are you KIDDING me?!! You have beautiful unique beauty you should be very proud of your gorgeous features.

  2. Hi Jenna! wow, thanks for your lovely comment. :) I feels different, in a good way, when random people admire you. xxx


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