Sleeping Sound While Watching the Stars Sparkle

5:27 PM

I was bored and I remembered that I had a dream of me walking in outer space. Looking into a horizon of stars and planets before a loud, "Yes! Celtics won!" woke me up. The afternoon was soooooooo tedious so I thought of doing this.

“Carry on, then, if only for the moment that it takes a tiny galaxy to blink!”
-Wislawa Szymborska quotes

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  1. gaaah! kanami nang sang efffect. ka dreamy.

  2. love the pink i've said, atleast you passed! many would trade places to get your score rather than not passing the board exams..haha!

  3. Zarahbabe, Thanks Darl! I adapted this concept from my dream last night so you saying that it's "dreamy" made my day. :)

    XOXORSTEEN! That's from my mom's bedroom. Hahaha! At least, I passed! rockandroll! hahaha! I just got lucky. But thanks for mentioning about it again Rhon, I'll have to remove that photo because people can easily read my full address :| I'll probably remove my short rant about my board rating :)


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