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Finally done renovating my home in Sim Social!!! I've been so inspired look at photos from different Sim Social-related sites that I opted to have a theme for my house. I don't like having messy rooms with hodge podge of things in it. Thankfully the Japan-week came in just the right timing!!! A lot of the stuff really fitted well in my home. :D I'm a happy kid!

I will start my room-by-room tour of my Sim's house from the gate. I unlocked the lot just for this! Sorry for the giantic bling. I ran out of enegy :|

My front yard!

My living room!
couches from the Halloween weeks and the clock from the week's quest

This is the lounge room aka where I dump my skill objects :))
Japanese Easel from Japanes week! This really helped me in saving simoleons for the rennovation.
Also, look! I got the red dragon prize from the quest! :D

My bedroom! Sorry the door was still open :))
I got this idea from a different user. I just tweaked it to fit the room's placement.
Say hello to my lucky Kitty!!! forgot to place her in the center XD

My bathroom! I originally had it in a brown/wood theme but since I wanted to level up my house value (brown items are very cheap) I chose to go all-blue! It was also a plus that I found a blue wooden floor from the Halloween week. The mirror was from the hidden lab week (still part of the halloween)

The Kitchen!!! I installed a huge (and very expensive) window for a peak of the pond from the outside.
There was a bug on the ktichen cabinet. It just looks like that except when I place it on the center :| Anyway, I might change the counters with the ones in dark brown... hhhmmmm.

This is my make-shift pond. Still looks ridiculous, I know. I had a hard time with the placement of the rocks.
I had to do the magic carpet trick to have them placed side by side. hahaha! I first thought of just putting the fountain as a garden center piece with rocks lining the path walk. It didn't look good as I've imagined it to be so I just turned it into a pond. :)) I've seen a lot of players doing this trick so I thought of doing it myself.

What was left of the garden :)) There seems to be a bug with the table though.. because I couldn't place anything on top of it. Will try it again soon.

gnome accents at the right side of the pond.

My pool!! I unlocked this lot because I wanted to get the fountain that's now standing on my front yard. Good thing I found a way to make the lot useful. 

And last but not the least, my Japanese nook! I wanted to make a bigger one but I had to make space for the trees and the pond. I found a good use for those hideous violet bushes from the Halloween week! Now they look as pretty as if they were green :D

Please share your photos on my comment box if you're also playing Sim Social on Facebook!!! :D

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