Spicy with a hint of Sweetness

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A friend from Manila went home to Bacolod last night so we arranged to dine with her and I suggested to go to a Korean Restaurant! My other friend, Metz, whom I dub as a pseudo-Korean (because of her K bf) was very thoughtful enough to be our eonnie/older sister and taught us how to eat this and that. She was making hungit (what's the Tagalog/term for that???) food to us, even to CJ :)) It was so fun! I was so full but I kept on eating! It wasn't that spicy after all! Was I a Korean on my past life?

We had three side dishes for the Sangyupsal. One the first photo is the Balatong/Long beans, on the photo above is Radish Kimchi, and the one below is Kimchi

Bacon for the Sangyupsal
I really enjoyed doing it. hahaha!
Metz, Manila girl Prex, and Katrina :D
Parang Junior Masterchef daw yung dating ko :))

Above are photos of Teokpokki. It's like a wet noodle dish (not really a soup, I think) Spicy but with a hint of sweetness! the ones that look like cylinder tubes (how else would I describe it? meh) are actually rice pastries, somehow the same as the Palitao (?) as CJ said. Whatever, it was delicious! It was like the one that pacified all the spiciness of what we had.

and of course, Mango Soju!!!

Prex was actually home for the internment of a relative. We dropped by the service, ate nachos - oh lots of nachos - and had a photo by the Christmas lights! :D 

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