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My bestfriend from Iloilo was in Talisay City (Negros Occidental) for a work-related seminar and on her last day, we gave her a little tour of the place. Well, when you're in Talisay, you've got to see the Ruins.

The mini-mansion was a husband's tribute for his lovely wife. A gift that would hopefully signify his love. During the Japanese occupation, the Americans burned the house so the former won't use it as a headquarters. They said that it took 3 full days to burn most of the house. Now, even that the Ruins is but a skeletal feature of what it has been, one could still see how it was beautifully made. 

It was a little funny reading the guest book (left). Some came from far-away places like, Manila and made a comment about wanting to see more of the place. Honestly, I came all the way from Manila just to see the Ruins, I would most probably say the same thing. When you get there, you have high expectations like seeing antique stuff that once occupied the house but there's really nothing much to see there. Just the remains of it and the lavish garden - that they have renovated and redecorated since we last came here.

the coffee shop across the Ruins. It looks really nice, sort of reminds me of Greece
but it was somewhat out-of-place. Like a different building that fell don't from the sky. 
it just didn't belong there. 

CJ reading something from the munoment. This is the last photo of him with his long hair. We went to the mall and had his hair cut after this.

That's me! with Ameg and Hannah :)

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