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2:17 AM

I had a wonderful day today. I got to work with two of my friends and I'm so happy that they themselves got along well. We went to this old farm resort with so many plans and concepts in mind, but we were a little disappointed because there has been a lot of changes since Ameg last went there. But nonetheless, I guess everything turned out well despite all those mishaps.
I had a little problem with choosing the right color tint to use because some of my shots were a little overexposed. well you know me. So I opted to be a bit minimalistic this time. :)

I'm somehow thankful that we were the only visitors at the place that time. Why? Because we got to do things like this. :)
This one's my favorite among the photos that I've started to edit.
This set is just about 1/8 of all the photos that we got. Every photo is but wonderful, though sadly, I can't post everything. So I really had a hard time choosing. :( Will resume on editing the rest of the photos after I come back from my Manila trip. Wish me luck! I've been hoping to be with my mom next month.

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  1. kanami nang.sa garin ni? and g'luck with seeing ur mom.tani madayun.malakat kaman? :-)

  2. darl! thanks gd! Huo sa Garin Farm ni. Hopefully ma approve application q :) for vacation lang anay ah.


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