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I was trying to reorganize a few stuff on my dresser when I found back-up CD's of some of my photos. I thought of posting a few of my lomo photos but then my laptop's DVD drive wasn't functioning. :( CJ said that CD players on computers doesn't need driver installations as I thought that the problem was with the driver. :( So I just opened the CD on our PC, resized the photos and sent them on my e-mail. As they say, "Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palaging merong paraan".
I took this photos using LL, my Holga 120 CFN that is now sleeping soundly in my drawer, with a 35mm film circa 2008. This is actually the only roll that I used with my Holga that was ever developed. Played with multiple exposures and colored flash. These are the only decent shots that I got. :)

With the Holga's viewfinder being on the top left of the camera, I had a hard time framing the photos. I actually realized that problem after this set was developed. :(

A decent photo of the sky. I could still remember taking this photo and I know that I included the sea in the frame... :|

dog + sky

CJ + green flash + the sky

CJ + the waves + sky

My college friend, Kent + the sky

Kent's silhouette + chips at hand + the sky

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