June 11

9:00 PM

I was supposed to go back to Iloilo earlier this afternoon but something came up and I decided to just reschedule my trip - again. So... I accompanied CJ to Citi Hardware. I'm not sure if its just okay to take photos inside but I took a few shots anyway. ;)

We then went to Greenoz Pizzaria for some late afternoon snack. We had our favorite sisig and a regular sized Supremo Pizza.
CJ bought a few sticks of chicken barbeque and I tried taking long exposure photos... which I think was a total failure :(
Only a few vehicles pass that intersection so I wasn't able to take really wonderful shots. :(
Hello, this is me. Taken with an 8-secs shutter speed so I won't have to use flash. :)

We then headed home and enjoyed a few hours without electricity.

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