How do stars twinkle?

8:00 PM

There has been a power outage earlier this afternoon, so we were left with nothing else to do but watch Cartoon Network. I wanted to do some macro shoots for my entry to an online photo contest so I grabbed a bottle of paper stars. It is a hobby here at home where we would cut sheets of papers, fold them into paper stars, and stack them inside empty liquor bottles.

This is Yobby. He helped me "scatter" the paper stars all over the floor. hehehe! I asked him to hold the star but he kept on moving, swinging his hands saying, "Like this, like this?".

Yobby helped me put back the paper stars into the bottle.

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  1. U made that k? Try taking a picture of a star haha. .

  2. not only me Rhon, but kami d tanan ga ubra na.. hehehe! picture of a star per se? budlay ba! pwede guro if sa mga uma na wala maxado light pollution.. hehehe!


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