Flower Horns and Doggies

11:44 PM

Let me start this blog with a photo of my cousin. We went to Pavia, Iloilo today to celebrate the town fiesta at my Aunt's place. It has been a while since I last went there so I was so amazed at how their humble home has changed.

 We were greeted by two lovely Shi Tzu (and somewhat half Maltese) dogs...

... and numerous aquariums of Flower Horn Fish.
Even my cousin Eda Rose surprised me at how fast and beautiful she has grown.

People say I have big eyes but I'm not sure if how they're gonna describe my eyes if I stare like this. Hahahaha! Fooling around with my cousin. The fiesta was an excuse for us to reunite and bond together. :) That's how tight our family is. 

I knew that my Tita and her husband are breeding Flower Horns but I never expected that they already have a LOT of them. There were like 13 aquariums in their living room. I've also seen plaques and certificates of them winning in various Flower Horn competitions and shows. Would you believe that there is actually an organization of Flower Horn breeders? Yes there is, and if I haven't mistaken, my Tito was the president/chairman here in Iloilo. By the way, this fish has just won 2nd Runner-up in a competition in Davao. 

It's still the same fish only that the aquarium's (blue) light was turned on this time.

 This one is still a "baby" fish. It was on a frenzy when I took the photos so I'm feeling lucky that I've managed to take two clear shots of it. hahaha!

This fish is a bit older than the others. Again, the aquarium's light was on and it was red! :) The fish was calmer than the others so I had the chance to take good photos of it.

I tried to use the flash on these photos. I minimized the flash exposure by about 3 or stops to avoid reflections from the aquarium's glass and I think it worked naman.

This is Trio

this is... uhm, I forgot his name...

and their mom, Lala. She is currently pregrant and I've already reserved one puppy from Tita.

Here's a photo of me with the doggies. :)

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  1. abi ko una si kaloy ang sa 1st pic.haha

  2. ngeh! daw layo man. hihihi! ga dreaming ka guro kay Kalay Darl muna panulukan mo sa cousin namon si Kaloy. hehehe!

  3. pa palita ko ug flowerhorn na naay ulo dha. hehe. pm me here in ds email amendoza1814@yahoo.com. tnx so much.

  4. I am sure that this one is showing creativity at its best. They are simply looking great and awesome.


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