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Went to Cebu City with my cousins last Thursday. They had to attend their pre-departure orientation as a requirement for their migration to Canada. Another family to leave the country. They tagged me along knowing how much I really wanted to go to Cebu. There were a few mishaps on our way to Cebu but it I'd rather not share it. :P 
 We left Iloilo at around 6pm and it took us almost 13 hours to get to Cebu. It was the most tedious 13 hours of my life. Never mind why. We were greeted by the beautiful sunrise. I tried using Canon's Twilight Picture Style and it gave me a blazing orange horizon. Here's a picture using Standard mode.
I took this second photo at the deck.

After my cousins' Seminar Orientation, we went to Ayala for lunch then headed to Mactan Island to visit the famous Lapu-lapu Shrine.
I'm a sucker for Black-and-White photos. :)
Here's a photo of me with the statue of Lapu-Lapu :)) I asked my cousin to take this photo and it took us about more or less 5 minutes to have the picture taken. Damo arte si Nang Pao.. hahaha! But I like this picture! I look thinner. hahaha!

Going there at around 1pm was a bad idea but at least, I got to visit that historical place. :)

They said that Lapu-Lapu and Magellan battled on this shore.

A painting re-enacting the first battle of the Filipinos against European invaders.

After a little argument with the taxi fare back to the City, we visited Magellan's Cross. I believe that it marks the very first introduction of Christianity by the Europeans to the Filipinos. Can you see my cousins over there? hihihi!

I was a little surprised that in this brief moment, the grounds wasn't crowded by tourist and locals.
This was inside the shrine. I haven't paid enough attention to the painting on the ceiling when I took this photo but it shows the plantation of the cross by perhaps a datu along with a few new Filipino Christian followers, a priest, and European soldiers.

Me, posing with two of my cousins. I bought three candles for CJ's board exam this July, :)

We then paid a visit the Church of Sto. Niño which was just a few walks away from the Magellan's Cross.

 I'm not sure what this place was for but I think they use this for Church events or something.
I failed to take a photo of the Church Altar since it was a little dark yet too bright. You'll know what I mean when you get to visit the place... so I took a photo of the ceiling instead.

The statue of Mother Mary and the Child Jesus and the Church Offices exterior.

This was the queue to the original and first statue of Sto. Niño that the Spanish has brought to the Philippines. I was not able to take a photo of the statue as a respect to the people who were still in line and also to the solemnity of the prayer room.

We found this lady sleeping in one of the Offices' hall windows.

This poor cake didn't make it through the heat of the city. My cousin bought this from Bread Talk as gift for her friend. :(
After buying last minute pasalubongs at a local bakery near the Church, we headed back to the port for our trip back to Iloilo. We immediately went up to the deck to take photos of...
...the sunset and of...

our breads that didn't make it in one piece after a seriess of taxi rides and park strolling. This one, that I personally chose, is a coffee bread something that was topped with thinned nuts. 

this one was stuffed with blackberry filling...

... and this one's a talking bread that we ate later in the evening. hihihi!

We left Cebu with a big smile - and a good night's sleep - and Iloilo welcomed us with this shy sunrise.  :)

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  1. The coffee bread is delicious and super fillin'!!!

    By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just finished a new contest called Mama's day out!

  2. ahay gusto ko gd ang picture styles.. havent checked if na update na nila for my cam..huhu!

  3. Ron, the picture styles aren't really necessary man ah.. daw indi xa b ma control.. but the snapshot picture style is the most useful style for me. hehehe!


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