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I'm sick for a few days now but I couldn't rest my mind on the thought that my blog has been idle for a few days. Last Sunday, me and my cousins went to Trappist Monastery in Guimaras for a little thanksgiving. My cousins were to leave the country the following day so they insisted that we should visit Trappist for the last time. We went there around 4 in the afternoon, which was too late because the monastery's store was already close when we got there. We wanted to pray at the chapel but a mass was being held. We didn't join in because we know that we won't be staying long. so we just took photos of each other at the monastery grounds instead. I wish I could post their pictures here but my cousins are very private people. CHOS! hihihi! but they were the same cousins that I went to Cebu with :)

That's my cousin over there with her friend ;) teehee!

A bonsai tree that we found outside the chapel. I still like this photo even though it's out of focus. :)

We headed back to the port at round 5pm and I took photos of Guimaras' empty roads.

By the way, my computer crashed that day. :( I was able to remove the bug but the other programs won't work as they're asking for keys which I do not know where to get like my Photoshop, Lightroom, Seismic, and Bloom. :( Anyway, I'm going to Bacolod tomorrow to have it reprogrammed despite my flu and week body. :( Wish me luck!

I used Picnik to edit my photos, pala. Thank Picnik for HDR-ish and Tint Effects! Life saver :)

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  1. i miss trappist.. me n my frnds went there when we had our completion in guimaras.. we should check out manggahan festival next yr!

  2. sure2x upod ta!!! yehey!!! Hopefully free ta by that time next year ;)


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