hello Bacolod! Hello Brown out!

11:05 PM

Went to Bacolod last Friday to have my computer re-programmed and I was welcomed by an hour of brown-out. I was so bored that I took shots of these candles that we used. Photos are all "fresh" from the camera :)

We went out late in the morning today to do errands for the family and then went to the mall to inquire about something. :) We then headed to Rai Rai Ken to have some Ramen. Yes, yes, yes, RAMEN IS OUR NEW LOVE! hihihi!

These are the pork dumplings that are now swimming in my stomach acids. hihihi! I wanted to take photos of our Ramen but I forgot to do so because we immediately ate everything when they were served. Well not totally everything because I didn't like the Shark's Fin Ramen that I ordered. It was a little bland for me or maybe it's just because that I'm sick. :| Not sure but I'm definitely not eating it again!

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