Labor Day

9:10 PM

The first of May marks the international Labor Day. I wanted to go out and take pictures of the annual protest rally but was forced to stay at home because of the weather. It seems like the temperature rises by a Celsius each day. 

My cousins planned to do wave boarding later in the afternoon but we didn't push through because we watched Mr. Bean's Holiday on the telly instead. HAHAHAHA! Anyway, I got nothing but just photos of random stuff that I found inside my room. It's still a little very actually messy since I haven't been using it for months.

You want some smokey eyes?

People, met my right eye. Joking. I'm blind without my lenses.

This one is from the Nike bag someone gave me. :)

My drawer's handle. I was a kid when I chose to have it installed. 

PS. Blogger was bitching when I made this entry so I really exerted a LOT of effort just to publish this. LOL. Kidding. But blogger was messing up, for reals.

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  1. Hahaha. . I love the snoopy handle mine's a bear! Lol

  2. awww, I bet your bear is cuter. hihihihi!


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