Blue Sky on a windy day.

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I haven't posted a self-centered set since I started this blog... so I guess now would be the time to break that record. hahahaha! I went to Bacolod the other day to attend to this cosplay shoot yesterday. There were like 10 something cosplayers playing roles from one of the anime series that I have been watching, One Piece. I'd say that I was a little unlucky that afternoon. I woke up around 12 noon and we were supposed to meet with the models that hour. Then, I forgot  my 4gig memory card in Iloilo, and my spare 1gig memory card was bitching on me won't work. My shorts' zipper broke and we went out late because I wasn't able to read the cosplayer's message in time. :| It was very embarrassing seeing the cosplayers braving the heat while waiting for me and CJ. :(

I had a hard time during the shoot. The venue was almost perfect, except that the sun was TOO HOT. I had lens flares on some of the photos and even though a few people told me that they weren't that destructive, I still think that they were. I borrowed Von's (one of the cosplayers and also the one who played Ryu on my previous cosplay shoot of Street Fighter) 1 gig memory card and it reached its maximum capacity in the middle of the shoot so we had to take a break for Von to transfer the photos to his laptop.

Yes, that's me fooling around with Steven's hair while on break.


 I have a small nose, I know.


The cosplayers taking a break. Will post a separate blog with all the cosplay photos.:)

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