Time Machine

11:26 PM

 “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”

 I had a mini-photoshoot with Arsteen and Yaniee earlier today. We went to this abandoned garage along the Coastal Road were they have a very old train head and other vintage-y cars. I must say that we forgot a lot of things to do for the shoot. I forgot to do Yaniee's make up. I totally forgot about the old slr camera that I brought to be used as props. I forgot about my idea of bringing a reflector. :| I forgot to adjust my camera settings when I took the first shoots... some of the images where under and some were over exposed... but despite all that, I think the shoot was a success.

I had a hard time deciding if which color tones would do best for the photos...

But I decided to have them tinted a little blue - and purple - for that vintage effect. I'm a sucker for vintage-y pictures.

but some just look better in Black-and-White.

I think I cracked a joke when I took this photo. :)

This one was a little over-exposed so I used a different tone.

This kid was watching us while we were shooting. :))

Didn't know that Yaniee was a natural emotera. LOLS. JOKE. KIDDING.

There are two women carrying sacks of rice in the background.

"Kuno abi nag-agi si Mark ano reaction mo?" then she smiled. <3

We were supposed to go to Boardwalk to take photos with the sunset but I guess we were too late :( So we went to SM City instead and took final photos at the parking lot. Hello, sunset, where are you???

Here's a photo of the beautiful Ma. Ianelle. :P

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  1. I lurve how u edited the pictures k! Wooot!

  2. Thanks Tita! You're both so good w/
    photography. YEY. <3 *hugs

  3. @ Rhon, aww, thanks2x gd! explore photoshop bala..

    @tita Yaniee! Thanks also tita for helping us!!! :3

  4. Good job ladies! Nice photos, angles, tone, captions(^_^). Pretty model. :) - Anonymous YANX

  5. Yanx! hahaha! thanks! I know you would mention how beautiful the model was ;)

  6. Ambisyosa ka, Ianelle. Haha, joke.

    Great shots, K. =)


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