Monday - Hipstamatic Nike Films

8:07 PM

Accompanied CJ to a clinic earlier. I coerced him to have his lump/cysts checked because it has been in a bad shape for a week. I was supposed to go home to Iloilo today, but I decided to just take a different trip tomorrow. I thought he might have a minor surgery today as well so being his ever supporting girlfriend *cough*, I have to be there for him. Thank god the doctor was out today. Rizal Day! *duh*

So anyway, I downloaded free films for Hipstamatic from Nike sometime last week. They are special ones for B&W, the AO DLX and AO BW. I tried AO BW first and here were my shots:
AO BW produces strong vignettes that I didn't like at first because the photos turned out to be a little too dark when I viewed them. But look, it has a nice and neat frame so plus point for that.

I only took 3 photos using the first film because I didn't like the vignette :| 
Here are the photos using AO DLX:
Other than the obvious change in the photo's frame, AO DLX seem to have more contrast and lesser vignette - that I liked! So I spent the rest of the day snapping pictures using the latter.

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