Katniss Everdeen

5:13 PM

I finished three of the Hunger Games books in just a week. All three were cliffhangers especially Catching Fire. There's definitely a need for a fourth book, Suzanne Collins. The last chapter of Mockingjay needed more info like an emphasis in Katniss and Peetah's budding relationship in the end. Or, maybe I just needed to read something sweet about them. I feel like everything ended fast. I like Peeta. If I was Katniss, I'd choose him from the very beginning. What I don't like though is the actor who's going to play him in the upcoming movie. I've always imagined him to be someone thin and clearly none of the actor's annoying jawline. But I dunno, maybe the movie will turn out better than I'm expecting.

/sorry nothing fancy to write.

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  1. Your hair is reddish brown, soo pretty :3

  2. you noticed that <3 I dyed it violetred-ish but since I have black hair, that's how it turned out. The ends are bleached but didn't change that much :(


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