DSLR Remote App Test Shots

8:03 PM

Never left the house since Thursday. It was sort of frustrating because I was supposed to be back home to Iloilo but the weather was too rough, so I didn't risk traveling by sea.

Anyway, I tried this app called, "DSLR Remote" on my iPod. I've downloaded the free version before but only had the chance to use it earlier. I was very much impressed. It did what the product said so though there were a lot of limitations since I only got the free version. With the full app, you can change different settings like the ISO, aperture, white balance, and shutter speed; and be able to see a live view of the whole thing. With the free one though, you can basically just trigger the shutter and see a preview of the shot that you just took. I'm fine with that because the full version costs 11 pounds. :| I had a huge problem with the auto focus and these were the only decent shots that I got out of like, 20 photos.

Wearing CJ's shirt. :))

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