Woburn Safari Park

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Last Tuesday, my family and I went to Woburn Safari Park for my mom's 50th birthday celebration. It was a different experience for me since the whole set-up of the park was kinda opposite to that in the zoos. In Woburn, the spectators drive their cars around to safari where they would see all the animals out in to the grounds. Instead of putting the animals inside cages, they set them free into the fields and it is the humans who  are rather "caged" inside their cars. Great idea isn't it?

That's an Oryx in the picture above. They are antelopes known for their long, straight, almost-upright or swept-back horns. The ones above may be East African Oryx which were considered to be facing extinction.

An ostrich just near the gates of the park.
Tigers were placed in a different section of the safari. of course, they wouldn't place them with the deers.
It was raining when I took the photos of this bear thus the haziness of the picture.
On a much bigger section of the safari were these Lions/lioness . I was expecting for a more exciting meeting with them but all just stayed in groups and had nice naps on the grass. On this picture though, you can still see what appears to be a foot of a deer/goat that was being fed to them just a few minutes when we entered their section.

Behold, the real-life Mufasa.:))

Will post photos of the other animals in a different blog entry so as not to flood my home page :)

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