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Today, Peter gave me a quick preview of Cambridge's history. As he said it, "Cambridge in a Nutshell". We visited a number of Colleges from the famous Cambridge University. Mom used to tell me that Cambridge City is actually made of the University. I didn't get it at first until then that I finally knew that was she said was indeed true. Literally speaking, Cambridge's City is mostly a part of its University. Most of the land and establishments around the city are owned by the University. An example would be the mall in the picture above. Education monopolizing the whole city.

Inside Christ College

Despite the beautiful aged buildings that the College has, they've installed modernized - and ugly - buildings to perhaps fully accommodate certain demands in room spaces for students.

I met a younger Charles Darwin at one of the gardens at Christ College. He was an undergraduate of the College when he joined Capt. Robert FitzRoy on a round-the-world voyage of discovery. (just read further on the description photo) So I took the photo oppurtunity to have a snapshot with him. :)

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  1. oooh! maskin ako naglibog man ulo sa una na explanation nang.hhaha

  2. gani Darl. Daw indi daan klaro pag phrase ya pero chakto man si mama.. hehehe! laban na houses/apartments sa city iya ka mga schools para sa mga students nila. pati gani ang iban na mga malls iya man ka mga schools. tapos ang mga colleges, collectively known as Cambridge University. hehehe!


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