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Each of the Colleges in the University has its own piece of history. I wasn't really able to read through about King's before we went there. But of all the Colleges in the city, I must say that King's in the most popular because of its gothic-styled college chapel and the remarkable King's College Choir.
Inside the King's College Chapel, you could really see how intricate the interior design was from the wall and pillar carvings, the stained glasses, up to the marvelous ceiling.

The church was divided into two by this huge Church Organ that is played by the pianist on top of the wall divider.

The chapel doesn't have any altar unlike any other churches in the Philippines. Instead, it has this painting popularly known as the "The Adoration of the Magi" by Rubens grace the inner part of the chapel.
At the sides of the chapel are a series of rooms working ala museums where bits of the Church's history are being featured and a few mini-chapels for private/public prayer sessions.
An example of the later is shown in these photo:

This is a small presentation of how they made the stained glasses of the chapel, which by the way, is the largest in number among all the other chapels/churches.

This is the stand where the Priest/Pastor would put his Bible and lecture.

A memorial tomb to one of the past student of the College.

The carvings on the walls of the chapel that you may think as ornaments are actually symbols of the different kings/dynasties/eras in England.
The Fleur de lis and the Tudor Rose (combination of the Red Rose of the Lancaster and of the White Rose of York)
A view of the college's courtyard and buildings outside the chapel.
This one was badly framed. :(
The King's College Chapel

Families strolling around the campus grounds.

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