Woburn Safari Park II

7:08 AM

We were passing by this road which was on a higher ground than with where the giraffes were. It was against the rules of the park to open car windows but we tried to do otherwise though so we could have a clearer view of the giraffes.
Those lashes are making them look so beautiful.
I got a photo of him/her with his/her tongue out. :)
Look, a family eating together! :)
The younger ones.

This monkey climbed up to the front of the car and stayed there for a few minutes. I was so hyped up because the monkey was just like in front of me. :))
This looked so grumpy.
I find this youngster cute... just sitting there and looking at cars or probably having a day dream.
We saw these monkeys carrying their babies on their backs as a ranger signaled for their feeding time. Everything was just so cute.

This one is a Bongo. They are known for being nocturnal forest animals and also for being among the largest antelope species. They are legally classified as a "nearly threatened" specie.

I've read somewhere or probably heard it from Peter before, that female zebras have black stripes on white while male ones have white stripes on white. So can you tell if these are males or females? :)

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  1. wapak! pang nat geo na ni keh.. haha!! :D

    bag-o ko lang kita ang set of pics, ang amo lang to last time. hehe..

    enjoy gid sa bakasyon! :)

  2. meh! thanks gd! hehehe! may ara complete set sa FB q but it's really nice to look at the photos here on blogger because medyo dako siya. Thanks again meh :*


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