The Streets of Cambridge

3:32 PM

On my second day here in the land of the great men and cute brick houses, my mom gave me a tour at her working place. The people there were so nice and I should mention that most of the carers were Filipinos. I'm afraid I can't talk further about my experience there in respect to the privacy of their clients.

Me outside Etheldred House.

That's the whole place. Thanks to me short height, the buildings appear to be leaning a bit forward. And I was being sarcastic, in case you didn't get it at first.

This is my mom's drive. A Mini Copper One.

The interior made me wow.

Mom then drove me around the city and I took pictures of random buildings and things along the way.

I saw these two having a photoshoot just outside one of the Universities in the city.

The Church where my mom goes to.
Bikers around the city.

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