Strawberry Picking

6:01 AM

Right after I landed in London, we went by to this strawberry farm somewhere in Cambridge. I should have jotted the name of the farm but then again I forgot to do so. It was a new experience for me since I haven't tried doing this when we went to Baguio a few years back. I was so amused with how they planted the strawberries instead of the traditional method of growing them. The farm was a little huge but not all the rows had growing strawberries.
They taught me how to choose the right ones. It has to be red all over it, especially at the bottom, but not the ones that are already too dark.

My mom picking a few fruits. The store said that we shouldn't eat the berries before paying for them, but mom had a few bites already.

Inside the gift shop. I wanted to take a few more shots but I was a bit shy and a little afraid that they might reprimand me.

Oh yes, oh yes.
We then ate them with cream as a dessert for supper. I knew then that I picked a few sour ones.

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