This Sunday

4:48 AM

... I did nothing but took photos with the lovely fish eye lens. I promise, this is going to be a very lengthy post. :)

 On our way to the grocery store

 Hello blurry face! 
Hello well-focused face! The remote control that I bought was indeed very helpful.

On our way back home

lens flares

and nothing but lens flares.

 The sun was almost setting when I took these photos. I was lucky enough to take pretty silhouettes of the trees. :))

What lies outside is a mystery... not until you make your first step outside.

Because I had nothing else to take photos of, I snapped a few lots of shots of the dogs.

Probably the best photo that I had of the canines.

He licked the camera lens just before I hit the shutter.

The banana trees and the litter that the dogs scattered all over their (CJ's) backyard.

I took this at the garage. Can you see me? I was wearing a "Little Mrs. Cullen" shirt


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