11:37 PM

Because it was someone's birthday earlier, the family went to Caribbean, an inland resort here in Bacolod City, for night swimming. Since I was busy enjoying the water, I only had a few photos from tonight's celebration. Will update when CJ's brother has already posted pictures of us soaking swimming.

I believe this is Poseidon, god of sea and earthquakes. We swam there... yes, in that 3+ ft. pool. *giggles like a kid*

This is Mica (left) and Callel (right). They're so cute together. Whatcha think?

Let me end this post with a cute smile from Mica.

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  1. i like..daw sorta ceasars palace sa vegas ang tsura and the lights..hehe!

  2. really? the lights change every 2 seconds but gamay lang gd na ang muna na section sng resort. They have a bigger pool with 2 fantastic slides. hehehe!


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