I smell something FISHY

1:27 AM

There was this online shop that my friend Arsteen found over at multiply that sells different kinds of camera accessories that we've been eyeing for. Just this Wednesday, I ordered a few filters, a fish eye lens, and two infrared remote shutter control (for me and Arsteen) then sent my payment on Thursday, notified the seller on Friday, and just this afternoon, I already got my package!!! SUPER YAY! Ang bilis dumating! :) Here are our test shots of the lovely fish eye lens.

That shadow that you are seeing at the bottom, almost at the center, actually, is produced by the fish eye lens being mounted unto my kit lens. Which means, I need an off-camera flash if I want to shoot with the fisheye with a flash. But since I'm almost broke and I still don't know a thing about external flashes, I have no other choice but to minimize if not avoid, shooting with the pop-up flash. Or maybe consider on buying a cheap external flash just for the sake of it.

 My ugly fish-eye face.

My distorted and longer-looking legs.

Atak of the Makulit.

In case you're wondering why we have lots of computer monitors scattered all over the living room is because that my boyfriend's bother (this makulit boy's father) is preparing to open a computer shop which will be installed on the home's garage.

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  1. awww thanks for mentioning me here.. tag pila gne ang fisheye? makes me want one too..hehe!

  2. xiempre because you were the one who introduced me to extreme deals :) I got the Fishey for 2,500 only.. buy na! hehehe! sales talk, sales talk.


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