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My mum and I had a short trip to Manila City to visit my Aunt who just gave birth to a new cousin.

As someone from the province, (I actually live in a city but they often refer people who live outside of Manila as probinsyano) we did an obligatory tour of Philippine's capital city. 

That's how polluted the city is.

Photos of the NAIA Airport

Since it was my first time to be in Manila, my Titas and Titos wanted to bring me somewhere exotic historical. And so we went to Intramuros the following day.  Also known as the "Walled City" it is the only part of Manila where old Spanish-era heritages were retained. I think it was the perfect place for me to visit.

Fort Santiago

 at Plaza de Armas, the main square of Fort Santiago

A view of the Pasig River.

That's me with a Spanish-era Guardia Civil on my right and a modern-day Security Guard on my left.

A view of the Maynila City Hall

A street in Maynila

Before heading to the airport for our flight back to Iloilo, Lola Tellie brought us to Rockwell for some last minute shopping.

I took a photo of the magnificent sunset just before boarding. Is that the moon I am seeing behind the setting sun?

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