Life Lately: September 2015

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September has been a hodge-podge of memories and events. As we welcome October, let me post a brief recap of what made my September a memorable one.

Joined iCares' Wellness Caravan. iCare is a joint project of the Department of Health (DOH) and Procter and Gamble. They aim to promote health and wellness to 500 BPO companies all over the country and on September 15-18, we visited 5 call centers in Bacolod City. I was a part of the medical team (as a nurse) and my task was to take our client's Body Impedance Analysis. Using a handy machine, I record body fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, body massage index, metabollic age, and other statistics that will give them a representation of their current health status. Then on the last three sites, I worked as a host for the quiz bee challenge. It was a one of the kind experience! We had brand ambassadors from a number of P&G products and we got freebies by joining the games and registrations. (I now use Pantene 3-Minute Miracles, thanks to iCare) But the disadvantage of it all was that we were scheduled to work on a graveyard shift, mostly from 10pm until 6am, and it really ruined body clock. Until now, I couldn't sleep earlier that 1am. Also the reason for my unannounced blogging hiatus.

Turned 27 on the 17th! I feel old! Hahaha! I was working with iCare on my birthday and we had very busy shift! But in the morning, CJ and Caileigh surprised me with breakfast in bed (a Jollibee take away but still!!!) and a dozen roses - that I still display in our kitchen despite it wilting and now brown. CJ then arranged a small dinner celebration at home and Caileigh decorated my birthday cake! They bought a chocolate cake (a Peppa Pig reference) and we bought Nips and sprinkles for Caileigh to decorate it with. She did a good job for a two-year-old! I wish I could have spend more time with them but I still had to do a shift for iCare but still, it was a very memorable 27th birthday! I am now thinking how I can up do my birthday surprise for CJ come December.

Good bye old phone, hello, Zenfone. Caileigh accidentally dropped my android phone and it made a  crack on the LCD screen. It's one of those cheap phones that you get for free when subscribing for a postpaid plan, it has gone very slow after a year of usage and just did not have enough internal memory for my needs. In short, I was covertly happy that it broke. Hahaha! So with the salary that I got from my stint with iCare and CJ covering the rest of the balance, we got an ASUS Zenfone 2. It has a 4gig RAM (yahoo! I hate loathe using slow phones), 13 megapixel rear camera, and a 64Gig storage. So far, this phone has been performing at par with my expectations. I am finally using a phone that actually works!

IELTS Progress. For two months of being enrolled, I have only attended four of my classes. It is a big disappointment but my arms are full with household responsibilities. Why is it so hard to find a household help in Bacolod City? Huhuhu! My supposedly targeted month to take the exams is this October but with my progress, I can see that I'm not yet ready. It was a good thing though that I found a big haul of review materials online, I'm talking about Php10,000 worth of textbooks, I can now answer drills even when I'm at home! This month, I should answer at least one practice test a day. Also, I know someone who almost perfected her IELTS scores! Now that is one big motivation!

Printables and other DIY's. It is now that I believe that Pinterest indeed has everything. I have a huge board of printables and I have used a lot of free ones when I was organizing Caileigh's Dedication and Birthdays. This month though, I got ideas from Pinterest on how to keep my life more organized. I have made my own printables to keep a records of all the bills that I am paying monthly (I am never enrolling in a postpaid plan ever again), and of all my monthly budgets. I am also thinking of downloading one of those blog planners! Hahaha! But I'll use Evernote on my phone for now.

Sugar waxing. I am a virgin when it comes to waxing. I used to pluck when I was in secondary school but chose to shave from then on because it was more efficient and definitely easier. When I found out from a friend that her sister is selling sugar wax in Bacolod, I was curious enough to give it a try. The whole method wasn't rocket science. It was incredibly easy to do, not painful at all (except on the armpits), and the wax was very effective. Saves you a lot of money and effort going to waxing salons. I had to redo it after a month though because I missed a few spots but that's just maybe because of my lack of experience in DIY waxing. You can send my friend a message on Sugar Queen Bacolod for more info about sugar waxing. She sells them for only Php200! Quite a bargain, in my opinion.

I hope I can maintain my blogging schedules this October. Also, anyone noticed our new blog lay-out?

How about you, how was your September? 

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  1. Belated happy birthday! Good luck with your IELTS! :)

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline! Hope I can take the exams this year of first quarter of 2016.


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