Masskara 2015 - and a quick review of Zenfone 2

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Masskara Festival
October is Masskara month for the city of Bacolod. It has been am annual tradition that involves merry making while donning festive masks and head dresses. I have previously written about Masskara Festival here

This year though, we celebrated in a more laid back manner. We skipped the nightly street parties and the heavy human traffic in street parades. Well about that latter, we actually missed it by an hour so we just made use of what we could do to give Caileigh an enjoyable time.

Caileigh and me riding a spinning car ride that made us dizzy and all. Thankfully non of us threw up! Hahaha! Clearly, it wasn't for toddlers.
Zenfone 2 lowlight

Masskara is a month-long celebration but the highlights were on the 16th to the 19th. Last Friday we took Caileigh to a real carnival. She has only seen them on episodes of Peppa Pig, so I thought it was great to bring her inside an old fashioned country carnival. It was already dark when we got there and it was a great chance to test our new Zenfone 2 camera in low light.

The Lens flares were quite annoying, to be honest, but other than that, I think it performed well. There was a bit of a lag in the shutter but it was already what I have expected. I had to keep still to avoid shaky images but carrying a toddler, it was almost impossible to do so. But despite it, the camera was able to capture photos that weren't that shaky at all.

Here is CJ taking his chances to win us prizes. We wen't home with a pack of marshmallows and Nagaraya. hahaha!

The following that, we tried to catch the street parade but because of a few mishaps with our lunch arrangements, we missed it. Caileigh was clueless with what she missed, it would have been a different experience for her. We watched the street dances last year but she was just a year old then. I don't think she'd remember it yet. A quick selfie before we head to the Plaze. (Zenfone 2's selfie camera is just A+)

The next photos are basically just snapshots of us with parade dancers.

We got to the plaza around 4-5 in the afternoon (Way past Caileigh's usually nap time at home) and I was a bit worried why she looked rather sad. I mean, no more excitement, not even smiling in her photos, she was just not in the mood. I asked her if she was sleepy but she energetically answered, "no" so I thought she was just a bit scared with the masks. 

Turns out, she was already very sleepy that in the photo above, she was already snoozing a bit. Hahaha! Here's a video of her trying battling against sleepiness.

But of course, the festivities would not be complete without trying out street foods. These hot cakes are my favorites! 

Overall, Zenfone 2 performed well. It is a handy companion in events like this most especially with the zenmotion option that lets you open the camera by drawing a letter "C" using your fingers on the lock screen. It was also great at night though I wish they could do something with the annoying light flares.

With Masskara done, mums will know that the next kiddie event to look out for would be the Halloweens. I haven't prepared for her costume this year. Even forgot about it when making our monthly budget. But we have a few costumes at home that were gifted to her so we'll try to see which ones would fit her. How about you, excited about the Halloween? Would love to hear from you!

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