Electric Masskara!

12:13 AM

Electric Masskara is a part of Bacolod's annual festival where dancers are donned in anything flashy and catchy. This year, it highlighted the closing of Lacson Street aka Bacolod's commercial strip for merry making.

But before heading the the event, CJ and I dropped by Bacolod' New Government center aka the city's little white house to watch the installed art works on the establishment's fountain area.

Families where there to celebrate the festival in a more discreet way, I guess.

We then decided to head Robinson's but the traffic was very sluggish so we dropped by a
restaurant for some back ribs and barbecue!!!

When we reached Lacson, we were just in time for the parade! The area where we were standing was heaving with people so we had to transfer somewhere na I can use my prime lens. 
 Lewls, I was so stupid for using a flash! siyempre hindi na nakikita yung mga lights nila sa mask.

Then this guy passed by. He had to wear the costume for a local delicacy store.hahaha! how unlucky!

The cosplayers! 

and of course, my haggard self. 

Will blog more about Masskara Festival on asweseetheworld.blogspot.com and my article will be up on the 24th! :D

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