Great Orme, Wales

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Great Orme

If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen most of the photos in this set. I have decided to revisit some of the places that I have visited during my 2010 UK trip by posting photographs that I may have forgotten on my hard drive, so re posting some that were already published in my blog.

We visited the North of Wales for five days and one of the most breathtaking places that we have been to was the Great Orme. 

Great Orme Tramway

The Great Orme is a prominent limestone headland on the North of Wales. It once had several mining sites but it is now majorly a nature reserve and a known tourist destination. One of the various ways to reach the summit was by the Great Orme Tramway, the only cable-hauled public road tramway in Britain.

You can see a magnificent view of Llandudno Bay on the way up. It was also a time to observe the local's houses and way of living. I really like how simple their houses are and couldn't avoid imagining how they go with their daily lives.

In the photo above is one of the many mining sites that the Great Orme used to have. They are now open for visitors and tourists. If you're not claustrophobic, you can take one of their tours.

There is something about the winding roads of the country side that tickles my imagination. I picture myself as a local driving through these beautiful sceneries everyday... or how colorful the trees would have been during autumn. 

At the peak is a spectacular view of the seas and mountainous terrains. The wind was incredibly strong that I could easily be swept away. 

The Great Orme cemetery in my opinion could easily be one of the most scenic cemeteries in the world. You would not care too much about crying for a lost loved one because the winds will blow them away for you. I read that it has a number of beautifully made thombstone and edifices. Too bad we were only at the summit for a short time. I would not mind taking a hike down to the cemetery. 

There is this hill were people spelled out their names using stones. I am not sure why but it seems cool and fun. I could spell out "KL was here" but then I would probably use someone else's stones. 

Finally some warmth! The cafeteria was a place of santuary from the strong winds. They had a massive souvenier shop full of knick knacks and such. 

Great Ore Tramway

On our way down, we met the other carriage at the middle of the tracks. On simplier terms, the tram way at Great Ore works like the two passenger carriages are pulling each other to propell it forward. They are decorated in an old fashioned manner which is great, right? And I have read from my read friend Mr. Google before that the same carriages were used in the earlier days. Not sure how "early" though but when we went there, they seemed to be in good working condition. 

Spotted a lone stranger walking down the hills.

It's always trivial to see signages in Welsh. They may seem jibberish for non-speakers but they have their own way of reading them. Like Llanduno is pronounced with a "Flan" not "Llan". We would always try to read them, or guess how to read them. 

These grannies are so cool. This is what passion is.

It is nice to revisit old photos before they become forgotten. They are also a great way to freshen up your memories. I was a bit surprised myself that I still remember some of the details while browsing through my old photos. When you're stuck at home or at work without chances of going someplace new, photographs help you feel better.

If you are given a chance to comeback and revisit a certain destination, where would you go?

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  1. Nice view! Hope I'll be there soon :)

  2. Great views! Looks like a nice route for a road trip! :)


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