Friday's Ten Happy Things -- No. 2

4:57 PM

Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things where I/we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

1. KFC Cookies. We have a cousin who works in Kuwait and gave us a box of these cookies from their local KFC. They are very sweet and the chocolate chips are very rich. In short, they are not your ordinary cookies! They are good for afternoon snacks or when you feel like you are already hypoglycemic. 

2. Perfectly round eggs. While cleaning in the kitchen we found a mold that keeps eggs in a circular shape during frying. We have seen this before but it was our first time using it. Our sunny side ups will always be perfectly round from now on. I am also eyeing those heart shaped molds I have seen in the grocery.

3. Shabu Shabu. We are currently into Four Season's Shabu Shabu! It has been the reason why we have been frequently eating at SM Bacolod's Fourt Court these days. This photo may not give it justice (I am embarrassed to take photos of my food when we are dining out) but it is without a doubt delicious. 

4. Seafood. I admit I was not a fan of "big" fish before but since Bacolod has a lot of pala-pala styled restaurants, I learned how to outgrow it. I now enjoy a plate of sizzling tanigue or a bowl of fish soup (as long as they get rid of the strong fishy smell). This weekend we were treated to dinner at Diotay's by an Uncle who went home from Manila. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the family as well. 

5. More stationery. A trip to the local bookstore will never be complete without buying a pen or two. We were only supposed to buy new rims of bond papers but I got out with new highlighters and other knick knacks as well.

 6. Review day. It is only in these occasions that I get to be free from mommy duties so I really enjoy these days off. I have to attend more classes this month though so I could sharpen up my test taking skills ASAP. 

7. Watching Peppa Pig with Caileigh. Looking through Instagrams of fellow mums, I can see that most of our little ones watch Peppa Pig. Caileigh has been addicted to it! This week I took the time to watch it with her and I found it very educational, not only for children but also for parents. The adult animal characters handle their kids very well and I wish I have their patience and knowledge in dealing with Caileigh without being mad when she is throwing a fit or has done something bad. 

8. Faster Internet speed. PLDT have recently made an upgrade with their Fibr plans and from 8mbps we were automatically upgraded to 20mbps under the same payment plan. Sweet isn't it? But of course it is not at 20mbps all the time but 13mbps? I'm happy with that! Caileigh can watch her youtube videos without buffering!

9. New apps! Who does not love discovering new apps? This week I found out about Enlight. It is a photography app that has almost all the features a photo app can offer! Maybe I will write a more descriptive post of the app next time but I made the two-photo collages in this blog using Enlight. I love their background patterns! Much better than Afterlight. It is a paid app for £3+ but I found that my mum's account already got the app so I got downloaded it as well. (She bought a cool photo app!!! waaaahh!)

BlogGo on the other hand is a mobile app manager for blogger. Blogger's official app sucks so this is a good option. (Why am I not using Wordpress? I'm just more knowledgeable with Blogger and have been using it ever since) Downside though is that you can't change the text color but you can control the image size, use jump breaks, and make a post using html or in rich text. As a matter of fact, I am using it right now to compose this blog post. It is good when Cailiegh won't let me to use my laptop (I have a strict kid) because now I can just type down drafts from my phone. 

10. Facetimes with mum. We always try to make it a weekly habit to catch up and for her to bond with Caileigh. Also, the little one loves seeing my mum's Spaniel dog, Suki. The photo I posted above was a picture that we took while waiting for her Lola to answer our call. Sundays are always facetime days.

We were a bit busy this week, hence my late posting of Friday's 10 Happy Things. BUT I really want to continue this weekly thing without missing a single post because I have this bad habit of not finishing projects, hobbies, or plans.

Anyway, I hope you had a great week! :)

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  1. Hmmm. I should try that BlogGo app! :D

  2. Your baby is so cute!!!! Also, I'm curious about those KFC Cookies. I want one!

    Aneth // Summer Babe

  3. Thank god it's friday !
    Hey I am using enlight too, just download it because there's promo back then ^^
    Would you mind to follow each other?
    Let me know through my blog ^^

    Fresh Cappuccino


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