Friday's Ten Happy Things -- No. 1

7:19 PM

Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things where I/we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

I love how this link-up from Helga Webber generates tons of positive vibes that I decided to try and make it a weekly habit as well. Here's my list of Ten Happy Things for this week:

1. After a lot setbacks, I finally started reviewing for my English Test! As a full-time mom, though this decision has been an easy one, it was very challenging for me to find time to attend my classes. We ended up compromising and I decided to leave Caileigh at home under the care of my brother-in-law. But of course, I had to choose dates with the most convenient schedule because I can't just leave Caileigh everyday. Please tell me how difficult it is to look for a child minder / yaya these days. 
Anyway, I am more than glad to learn new things and to finally jump start with this part of our long term family plan.

2. Stationery! I confess, I have a thing for notebooks. I really enjoy buying ones that have cute covers and blank paper inside but most of the time, I don't really get to use them because I feel like they're too pretty to be used. But now that I have a good reason to buy stationery (I have a thing with pens as well) I chose the best ones suitable for my current need so that none of them end up being piled inside the cabinet.

3. More stacks of Instax Film! I designed my cousin's wedding invitation as a gift but since they had some extra films from the celebration, they gave me five packs of ten as a thank you gift. Yey! Now there's no excuse not to snap more instax photos! 

4. Scrap-booking!  New films = new photos! And one way to have them organized is to make a scrapbook! We found a good book with black blank paper inside and we immediately knew that it was perfect for our little project. Even CJ, who is not really that crafty, got a bit excited with what I was doing. We also got gold and silver gel pens for writing and washi tapes to stick the photos. 

5. J. Co! We now have J. Co here in Bacolod City and we finally had time to visit the place to get our favorite doughnuts! Caileigh finished their regular glazed doughnut on her own so i would take it as a sign.

6. CJ landed a great job! It is no myth that finding a reasonably good paying job as a registered nurse in the Philippines is extremely difficult. It was actually not a part of our career plan but I am very much willing to take a detour because opportunities like these very are hard to come by and simply too hard to ignore. He needs it knowing how much he misses working in the hospital and it means we have more *cough* income *cough*
7. Candid moments with Caileigh! Having a toddler sure is a pain in the bum but even if I really get annoyed by her tantrums, she easily brightens our mood when she performs her innocent antics. Starting this Sunday, we're making a blog segment that we will call, "Just Caileigh" and it will contain all about, well, Caileigh. 

 8. More time with family! We have a tight family in Iloilo and seeing how CJ and his cousins are finding more time to spend with each other just warms my heart. It makes me happy because I really value my relationship with my cousins and seeing CJ bond with his is a step in drawing their family closer. Plus Caileigh gets to see more and play with her relatives so it is all good.

9. I got myself a new pair of glasses! When I was in elementary and secondary school, I really loathed using my glasses. They were a nuisance when I am doing activities (aka running around) and they look ugly and very generic. These days, it is easy to find trendy yet affordable specs so there is no excuse for me not to use them. Also, I'm really dependent to my glasses so I basically have no choice but to wear them. This time I found a cute pair from Sunnies and decided that it was finally time to change my old one - that was already full of scratches (thank you, Caileigh) and are almost blocking my sight. Everything looks good and in "high definition" now!

10. Eight years with my Cris Joseph! The 21st of August marks the eighth year of our relationship. We almost forgot about it and never had the chance to celebrate but it indicates one thing, we are so fond of spending our everyday lives together than we cannot be bothered to count our days. Wow, eight years. It is a big milestone but there is no sense in counting if we have each other forever. (Abaw nag ininto! hahaha!)

This ends my list! I hope this inspires you in anyway. What about you, what have been making you smile this week?

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  1. Doing this link up too! It does brighten your day a bit. :D

    I am also thinking of scrap-booking for my baby! I want her to have an actual album, not just and online album, to go back to when she gets older. Will have to start buying instax films again!

    Looking forward to more posts, Katrina!

    BTW, your blog has great photos! Mind if I ask what camera or photo editing app you use? Hihi!

    <3 Alex //

    1. Gah! You're a photography hobbyist... :/ Should've read that earlier! o_O

    2. Oh yes it does! esp. if you've been so stressed up the whole week. It gives you a reason to think of the happy things.

      We actually made a photo album of all the photos that we took from her infancy until she turned one! And I really encourage you to do the same thing. It is way better than just storing your photos because with a physical album you can easily browse through.

      Hahaha! Thanks! I used to be very active in photography but these days I've been using my iphone4s to take photos and I use VSCO Cam to glam them up a bit :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your guy! :) Your Sunnies glasses are so cute, I've been eyeing those clear frames for a while na haha.

    1. Thank you, Helga! They also have ones in different shapes and shades. xx


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