El Nido: Buluang Beach

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It was our second day in El Nido and all island hopping around the area were canceled due to the storm. We were all a bit disappointed, Kalay took it the worst, but there was nothing that we could do but to just to go on and enjoy with what we can do since we were stuck in El Nido.

What breakfast is like in Marina Beach Resort and with that view, oh yes please. Karla is pretty candid as you can see.
Since we can't do any island hoping today, our tour guide decided to bring us to an "outskirt" beach area at the other side of the island. After an hour via van, we finally got to Buluang Beach!

It's a little funny because "Buluang" in Hiligaynon (native language of Iloilo Province and in some parts of Negros Occidental) means something that makes you crazy. Makabuluang. And we only found out about the name of the beach after we left.

Despite the cancellation of boat trips it was ironically SUNNY later that day. We forgot to bring our sunblocks because we thought it was going to rain. Oh well, time to embrace the sun, and UV rays, and get a tan. No one will know you went to a tropical country (pertaining to my Canadian balikbayan cousins) if you don't look toasted or at least with a light tan line.

The tides were low when we got there so we had to walk in the water until we reach the darker areas of the beach to go snorkeling or take a swim.

Karla and me swimming in the deeper parts of the beach. We floor was full of seaweeds and it felt creepy standing on them but it was the only part were we could see small schools of fish. To be honest, it was not that spectacular but we have little to no choice but to just have fun.

These are Lemuel and Meia. They got married two days before this trip so it was technically their honeymoon. Hence the joke that we were all "honeymooncrashers". They even had to share a room with two of our other cousins. Hahaha! Sorry, the honeymoon got cancelled at least you had fun, right?
Our tour guides prepared lunch for us (it was more than enough for all ten of us). They serve a variety of seafood and fresh fruits. We asked if they have coconut juice that they got us fresh ones from one of those coconut trees just beside our hut.

After lunch, we then explored the far end of the beach that looked intriguing when we were swimming at the beach. What we found were beautiful rock formations and a private portion of the beach.

Karla, being the adventurer that she is, explored the rest of the rock formations. I decided not to do so anymore because I was almost dry already. She said she found a good snorkeling spot and saw fish that were way better than what we saw earlier.

Finding this little nook at the edge of the beach was really a blessing. It made my day as it was definitely more interesting than the beach. It was place that was seldom seen by tourist and we had the chance to discover it. So thank you hanging habagat for this little blessing in disguise.
 We then headed back to our hut so we could proceed to our next tour destination (that I will blog about in a different post). But first, let me take a selfie!
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