Antique: Malumpati Spring

5:20 PM

We started our Antique tour with a visit to the Malumpati Spring in Pandan, Antique. Bugang River, that runs through the spring is dubbed as the cleanest river in the country. 

Malumpati Spring is known for it's cool, crystal clear and, wait for it, blue waters. Yes, blue! I confirmed it with Caileigh, and she said that the water was indeed BLUE. You can't question toddlers.

We availed a packaged tour from Pandan Beach Resort for Php500/pax. It included a private van service from the resort, entrance fees, a cottage (I believe), snacks, and packed lunch. But a friend told us that you can just go to Malumpati Spring by taking a tricycle from the town center.

We signed up for water tubing. It's like water rafting's little sister. You ride a big round floater and then you just let your self drift through the river. It sounded very exciting, but we still needed to go on a hike for approximately 30 minutes to reach the mouth of the river. I originally planned to carry Caileigh with me but our tour guide said it might be a bit risky because some parts of the river are more than 15 feet deep. We tried to just join the hike on the way up and we'll just walk our way down when they set off for water tubing BUT since it was raining that day, the soil was really slippery and I was wearing plastic sandals (why oh why) so I just decided to go back since we were only a few yards from the spring.

I stayed at the spring with Caileigh and my other cousin, Trini. It started to rain harder so we just sat inside a cottage. We tried to take a dip at the lagoon but it was too cold for Caileigh. huhuhu! For a few minutes I was bored. hahaha! Then after 30 minutes or so, we heard screams coming from the river and I guessed it was from our cousins.

I asked them to take a lot of photos for my blog (I feel no shame) and Karla generously let me use them. The view was breath taking. The waters were really, well, blue. I bet they really had fun!

Karla said that this is the mouth of Bugang River. It is separated from the rest of the river by a small patch of land but it was said that underneath that, where she's sitting, there's a cave that connects the small river bank with the rest of Bugang River.

The cousins with our tour guide! I forgot to get his name but they said he was really cool and was very helpful when they went water tubing.

After they got back to the lagoon, we tried the resort's diving boards. I have always been interested in cliff jumping though I have a big fear of heights. Karla and I tried the lower one first. I enjoyed it a lot and really wanted to try the higher one, almost 20 ft, I think, but the plank was really slippery and I was just wasn't brave enough to do it. Hahaha! Karla was brave to try it though and she jumped for like, three or four times!

So here's Karla's awesome shot from the tip on the diving board because she's cool like that. Hahaha!

We were supposed to visit Malalison Island the following day but the waves were too rough that all boat trips to the island were cancelled. We were all disappointed at first but if it's the weather that's in your way, there's really nothing else that you can do. So, maybe next time. Next time definitely.

Big thanks to Karla / Kalay for all the photos in this blog post! :*

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  1. I really adore your photos, love! Ugh! HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO ITTTT >.<

    Please keep them coming, I missed stalking, er, browsing your blog! <3

  2. Love! These photos were taken by my cousin and most of them were taken using her go pro. I'm considering of getting one because they're really handy!

  3. Oh wow, this place is beautiful! And your photos are gorgeous!

    Musings & More

    1. It really is beautiful! :) Thanks a lot!


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