Enya Trudis

12:18 PM

Babies are very charismatic creatures. A glimpse at their cute angelic faces will surely make you say, "Awww" and mind you, all infants no older than 3 months are all "cute". Well, at least to me.

This is Enya. My cousin's second child and is currently on her 5th month. It was my first time seeing her and my first reaction was how much she really looked like her mom! A stunning mini replica of herself.

Enya is such a calm child. And when I say calm, I really mean calm. You can just leave her in her mat with a toy within reach without her crying for you attention unless if she really needs you like when she's hungry or needs a nappy change. Unlike Caileigh who was very used to having me within her eye range. I wish my second child could be more like her.

Anyway, with Enya being her very serene self, I decided to take a few photos of her. I laid her in a blanket, put on her headband, turned on my phone, and tadaah! I could have taken more photos of her but Caileigh was already calling for my attention. Think about how much of an overly attached daughter she is. ugh! So here are a few more photos of the beautiful and very charming Enya Trudis!


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