Sipalay 2015: Nataasan Beach Resort

2:23 PM

The whole Sia family was complete this summer and what better way to spend it than do a series of jaunts or journeys. The highlight of all was a 3-day Negros trip. 

We started the first leg with an overnight stay at Sipalay City, drove along the shore line towards Dumaguete City, then spent our last day driving along the hills and mountains of San Carlos City to Don Salvador Benedicto on our way back to Bacolod City. From endless fields of sugarcane we were welcomed by rice plains and crystal clear beaches along the roads of Negros Oriental, and were in awe of the mountain features on our way back. From the city to the sands, from the sands to the mountains. It was an adventure to remember though I wish we had more time to immerse in the different cities and places that we've stayed at during the course of the trip.

We left the Bacolod around 4:30 in the morning then arrived at Sipalay City after four hours. I'm really not good with remembering the specifics of our trip because I was not too involved with the planning (also can't remember all the cities and municipalities we've passed by the entire journey because I'm not too familiar with the Negros Island) but I know that we stayed at Punta Ballo and among a stretch of different resorts along the beach line, we stayed at a cozy resort at the top of the hill. I believe that among the others, Nataasan Beach Resort gave us a perfect view of the beach. Forget about tiptoeing your way from your villa to the beach. For a more relaxing holiday, seeing the deep blue waters from a height and feeling the cool ocean breeze, it was just perfect.

Just Caileigh lounging around the resort's patio. She was so happy she immediately sat on the lounge chairs for a photo. She even gave a rare smile to the camera with a kilig or rather a gigil shoulder shrug at the end.

Little sister, Clair finding her way through the resort. But really, I asked her to make the "I'm lost" pose.

Nataasan's for in-house-guests-only pool. We stayed at one of those rooms facing the pool area. Spent our late afternoon until early evening swimming time there since the beach was "empty" during low tides.

I wish I had taken more photos but being a mom, running after a toddler who's very prone to temper tantrums and all, I think it's really a talent to be able to take photos along the way. Lame excuse, I know. But sometimes, you just have to put down your camera, and in my case my phone, and just enjoy the moment. Let the memories take a mental photo of that.

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