Island Hoping in Sipalay

6:48 PM

The first leg of our Negros tour was spent in the beautiful city of Sipalay. We arrived very early for the 2 pm check in at Nataasan Beach Resort so we rented a boat for island hoping. 

Instead for availing the resort's boat service, we rented from those that were anchored by the beach. They have agreed for a 2-hour trip (13 pax) for only 1300Php, and some of us rented snorkeling gear for hundred a piece.

The sea was calm. The ocean breeze was refreshing. The water reflected the sky in a deep blue hue and in shallow levels, you could see what lies underneath. Crystal clear. We were really in awe as to how clean the water was.

Our first stop was in this islet that used to be a home to a Grotto of Mary the Virgin but after the super typhoon, it was destroyed beyond use. It has a cave underneath that you pass towards the other side of the islet. The cave, as CJ discovered, was housed by dozens of bats and it gave out a strong pungent smell. I didn't dare pass through the cave as Caileigh was hugging me like a little monkey so we just sat on the sands with the water level just below my knees. The water was, as I've mentioned, crystal clear and we've seen a few fish swimming near by.

We then transferred to a deeper area where we could go snorkeling and do some cannonballs. It was very majestic. The boat was anchored near a rock formation that was in one word, beautiful. Sadly for me, I wasn't able to take a dip because Caileigh was very sleepy and refused to go for a swim or stay on the boat with someone else. Deep inside I was crushed. I really, really, really wanted to jump into the sea but I felt guilty leaving Caileigh so I just sat there cradling my offspring. I thought of giving her to CJ but seeing how much he loved being in the water, I took the bullet for him. hahaha.

We then passed by Campomanes Bay that has an old dock. I'm not sure if it was still operating but it has a few boats anchored by.

After Campomanes Bay, the boat took a turn and we made our way back to the coast of Punta Ballo. Two hours wasn't long enough but the beauty of the rock formations was such a sight on our way back.

A family photo to end the post with a topless CJ, his skin drenched in sea water, me in my pink suit, and our sleepy Caileigh.

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