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The best thing next to sharing pregnancy tips, is that when you conceive together with family members and some friends, your kids get to spend play dates together. Reunions would mean catching up regarding your kids' progress and future plans like when you'll enroll them to daycare or when you're planning to add kid #2. (Talking about making love doesn't sound off anymore hahaha) Nonetheless, it's fun meeting other moms and other kids as well considering how happy Caileigh must be to be play with other kids since she's the only child at home. 

We have three kids at home in Iloilo. We have Jonshu (2 years old), my cousin's first born, Enya (4 months old), her second child, and of course little Caileigh. When my cousin goes to work during day time, her mum takes care of the kids. Can you imagine running after a toddler when suddenly an infant cries from her sleep - all at the same time? Tough work, I tell you and I applaud my Aunt for that though I pity her more. It's just very overwhelming. 
Jonshu with Caileigh. Both acting crazy after having fast food. Just typical toddlers.
Here she is beating the heat with other kids during our visit to a close friend of mine.

Shout out to the handsome young man named, "Tuka"

Basically our trip back to Iloilo City was more of a way for Caileigh to mingle with her cousins and other kids. She certainly needs to work more on her social skills since where going to start school next year! Other moms sending their kids to school this school year? It must be pretty exciting! Even with still a year for us to wait, I'm already thinking what school bag to buy her, how she'd look in a uniform, and how cute her tiny black school shoes would be. Hahaha! I'm just so excited, I can't even.

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