Our Little Trip to Iloilo

10:53 PM

Taking advantage of my free time, we went Iloilo to visit our family and friends. Since we had Caileigh it has always been a challenge going back to forth to Iloilo because well, toddlers (or children in general) are very unpredictable when brought on long trips. Maybe because they still can't speak out their "feelings" (what feelings hahaha) so they express themselves through crying,  a lot of crying, and if they're cranky enough, they'd let out a tantrum. Yes tantrums. Crying-screaming-while-rolling-on-the-floor-tantrums. Believe me, just as much as a normal person hates travelling next to a wailing child, parents are terribly annoyed by it as well. BUT thankfully our boat ride to Iloilo was tantrum-free. Thank you, Caileigh!

Passing by Molo Plaza on our way to the Esplanade (Photo before this)
 CJ dealing with Caileigh throwing temper tantrums

With my father! and just look at Caileigh's tongue. HAHAHA

Cj had to go back to Bacolod ahead of us to attend some errands and thankfully Caileigh has been behaving great when we had to go out on our own. Our boat ride back to Bacolod City was a little bit of a nightmare though! and I'm proud to say that I've survived it! hahaha!

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