The Young Ones

12:02 AM

Models: Darlene Zarah Bayani and Myka Kapaw-an
Styling: Darlene Zarah Bayani
Photography & Editing: Katrina Escalona

Revisiting old photos and had the sudden urge to edit photos from last year's fun shoot (photos here and here) with Darlene, Myka, and Ameg. I love the quirky ones and decided to add PNG's on them. I hope the girls won't mind :D

There's this song that's been bothering me, in a good way, and it has the phrase "the young ones" in it but I can't seem to remember the title not the band. It was used in Gossip Girl and it has a very catchy whistling tone in the beginning. gaaaaah. 
EDIT: the song is "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John
and the phrase in the chorus was "young style" not, "young ones" hahaha! but whatever, enjoy this set! :)

Hello Dahnuel! :D

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