12:10 AM

Have you had one of those Sunday morning where you wake-up without having a vivid memory of what happened the night before?

Over-due shoot with Darlene Bayani. We've been planning to have a fashion shoot even before I left for UK and now that I'm back, I really saved a date for her. I had this sudden urge to do something that has to do with pale colors and such. Perhaps it was God's grace that she was thinking of the same thing. For nights we've imagined how the shoot will be. She wanted it to have that morning-after look and so we agreed to do something a bit laid-back. :) 

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  1. thanks Ron! sorry late na ni b na finalize and nalipat q na ara kna gali sa Iloilo :( Dont worry may shoot man ta sa Monday ah.

  2. thaaanks gid ya nang. i love it so much... finally.the morning after pic.haha


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