while you were sleeping I was

4:56 PM

I have been having trouble sleeping these days. My body clock is so disturbed that calling it insomnia would be an understatement. I can wake up as early as 10am if I would like to but most of the time I'd be up around 3 in the afternoon. I sleep around six in the morning most of the time. 7am max. I've tried several sleeping techniques already. I read boring books but to no avail.

So last night around two in the morning, I was preparing to sleep -for the first time in a week that I felt sleepy at two in the morning- I was combing my hair when I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror. How good the lighting was and good I actually looked like. I always feel ugly except last night. I thought that photo opportunities like this shouldn't be missed.Then this happened.

 Lols, these photos are actually just an excuse to rant about my sleeping habit. So anyway, here are a few non artistic ones. Just a break from looking so serious. I'm not nor I look like that in person.

What I probably look like most of the time
best duck face I could make

the btch face. ugh I look disgusting.

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