Geez, stop talking, will yah?

8:54 PM

For once in your life I’m sure that you’ve known a person who no matter how annoying and rude they are; you still can’t resist feeling sorry for. I know one who’s just as annoying as that classmate that you had in grade school who won’t stop talking about what she did the night before, what she ate for breakfast, and what she’ll do after school. They just don’t know how to shut their mouth and sense if you don’t give a flying f anymore.
                Most of the time, there’s a reason why they seek for such attention. They may have problems at home: her father doesn’t care enough and her mother nags as much as she does.  She may have had a horrible childhood: she had scabies and lice that parents in the neighborhood banned their kids to see her. She has attitude problems, probably insecure that she’s not as pretty. OR, she’s just plainly psycho, has delusions of grandeur with absolutely no feelings at all. Also, they don’t know what a yawn signifies in a conversation.
                But of course, being an understanding human being that you are – people from your town built a shrine and worship you for your selflessness – you listen to every word that they say even if it confuses you sometimes. You nod and you say, “Oh dear, that’s so sad”, “that’s so cool”, or “so what happened?” all the time. If you’ve had psychology classes, you practice your therapeutic communication skills with her. You blurt “Tell me more” when she stops even if you want her to shut her mouth already. If you’ve never lied before, then you must be a saint. No, you’re a reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
                I don’t know but it seems to be so hard to try to tell them about their problem. Sometimes if you’ve already had the courage to confront them, they won’t give you a chance to talk. “You know what? I sort of don’t like…” “Omg, is it my hair? Why, does this shirt make me look fat? If it’s about that money I owe you yesterday, don’t worry I’ll pay you tomorrow…” “No, it’s not that. It’s about the…” “Whatever. By the way did you know that *name of a person that you do not know* sent me a message last night saying blah blah blah lalala…” Annoying right? If her mouth has a zipper you could have zipped it close the moment she diverted the conversation and placed thick cement to make sure that she won’t open it ever again. Perhaps the best thing that you could do is to put on your earphones and blast a song that would be more entertaining to listen to than her useless mumblings. That is, if you have the heart to hurt her feelings.
                I don’t know exactly how to deal with them. Sometimes I’d try to talk while they’re still talking trying to show them that they definitely should learn how to listen. But most of the time, I’d just let them do their thing. I’m too tired to argue or sing with them. They better consult a life coach or a psychologist. But whatever, I wish they’d have lock jaw or hemiplegia. That should do the job.

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