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My husband and I are great food lovers and though we may not have remarkable culinary talents, we share the same interest in cooking. So in imagining my dream house, I would always picture it with a spacious kitchen or at least one that is neatly organized and specifically designed to be functional.

If you check out my Pinterest account, you will that I have a series of boards that somehow describes what kind of a home I would love to build in the future. My preference actually changed while looking through thousands of photos of actual homes and apartments. I have learned to love clean and minimalist designs, particularly the wonders of white walls and large windows on how they make a small space look so spacious.

Which is why the same things apply to my dream kitchen. I would love to have it in mostly WHITE.

White is easily associated with cleanliness and kitchens must always be kept clean and tidy. You can also pair any other color so it would be easy to accessories your counters and walls.

Contrary to most Filipino homes that are majorly dressed in antique and stained wood cabinets, I would like mine to have modern cabinet doors in, you guessed it, WHITE.

Clean plain white cabinets are ♥ ♥ ♥ I would be willing to ditch the handle bars.

Look how having white furnitures makes this small kitchen look wide. An open space above the wall cabinets make the walls taller and it would be a perfect nook to place things that would take too much space inside the cabinets.

This kitchen, however, gave me a new idea. Black counter tops would give a nice contrast to a white kitchen. So, maybe a black and white kitchen? I'm considering the idea but it surely does look great.

I really enjoy that I can find a lot of photos online that matches perfectly to what I have in mind: plain white handle-less cabinets and black (granite) counter tops. 

If I ditch the black counter tops, having one side of the wall painted in black would be an option. It would be a great space to put the oven and other electronic kitchen ware just like in the photo above.

This one would also be a great idea! Have a small portion of the wall painted in black board paint and make it a nook for the kids to draw on or to write stuff for the grocery list or to simply use it to write short messages for the household.

Having white marbled backsplash is also a great idea. It would add a muted contrast to all the white shelving in the kitchen. I am guessing it would also work with an all black counter top.

If ever we get the chance to have a kitchen island, it would also be nice to have it with a marbled white counter top matching with the backsplash. I hope you get my idea.

Another major detail I would love is to have large windows installed in my dream kitchen. This is majorly influenced by my mum's home. They have a galley kitchen with a series of windows on one side making the whole space bright with natural lighting. Letting in the sun rays will surely make any space bigger. Plus, you can grow your small potted herbs inside - within reach when you need them!

This kitchen may be a bit small for my own reference but they have done the lay-out really well that the space was maximized. I just hope that they have made the fridge a bit nearer but that breakfast corner for two is ♥.

For the flooring, this kitchen with black floor tiles won my heart! and the red carpet made a really good contrast to all of the whites.

To sum it all up, my dream kitchen would look like this: white walls and furnitures, black floor and countertops, white marbled backsplash, and windows! lots of windows!

Next time, I'll make a round up of what my dream living room would look like. So, did you like my dream kitchen? How would you like your dream kitchen to look like? :)

Disclaimer: Photos used in this blog post are not mine. I found them over pinterest and most of them were not properly linked back to their respective owners. If you find your own work and you would like to be linked back properly, please feel free to contact us :)

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  1. So immaculately white and clean. Love your dream kitchen. We have red cupboards. Would like to paint them white after seeing all your pegs.

  2. Great kitchen ideas! I love the black countertop and the black walls, or maybe kitchen chalkboard for meal planning. Can't wait to see your dream living room.

  3. WOW! I hope you get to have the kitchen of your dreams!

  4. i have also developed the habit of pinning dream kitchen photos! but i need my dream house first hehe :)

  5. Wow, a black and white minimalist kitchen is what I also want to have in the future, and yes, loads of windows, too, and herbs! :D

  6. What beautiful designs. My friend and downstairs neighbor loves black counter tops. I now understand why.

  7. My dream kitchen is also white with a big island counter, big windows and all stainless appliance. I got inspired to compile my kitchen ideas as well because of your post.


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